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Colombia, the land of a thousand possibilities. Whether adventurers, relaxation seekers, culture lovers, families, groups or the solo traveler, nature lovers or animal lovers - in Colombia, everyone gets their money's worth, especially sun lovers and divers! The country is now considered an ecological highlight, because no other country is as rich with plant species as Colombia. Between 45,000 and 50,000 different plant species grow in the forests, savannas, wetlands and grasslands, which in turn provides the ideal conditions for distinct wildlife. Just as diverse as the flora and fauna, are the people of this country. More than 100 different tribes live in Colombia. Traditional handcrafts, as well as festivals and celebrations are an important part of the Colombian culture. The country also has a large variety to offer in terms of scenery: Mountains up to 5,000 meters high, sandy and coral beaches, wild coasts, rainforests, deserts and sand dunes. In addition, many culinary delights can be found. Fish lovers can certainly satisfy their craving for fish and will definitely get their money's worth! Highly recommended are the vitamin-rich, freshly-squeezed, exotic fruit-juices and of course the freshly ground coffee, which is offered in all cafes.

Your two destinations in Colombia are on the Caribbean coast high in the north, and on the Pacific Ocean in the northwest of the country.

Your arrival airport is Medellín , the second largest city in Colombia. Medellín is called the "Capital of Mountains" and the "Eternal Spring." It's also known for its flowers. The city is characterized by the university district with its adjacent botanical garden. It is one of the most innovative cities in the world and is the economic center of Colombia.

Medellin am Abend
Ein gestreifer Fisch am Meeresgrund
From Medellín, you will start your diving safari on the 3rd day by flying to Capurganá – affectionately known as „Caribbean paradise.“ Located right on the border with Panamá, Capurganá is characterized by its breathtaking scenery. The inhabitants of this small, relaxed town, as well as the nature and its culture, are unique in this region. You can expect 30 degree water temperature and experience the fantastic, underwater world of the Caribbean Sea. You will discover a paradise of colors, because nowhere else is the biodiversity of the underwater world so great. In the so-called "Sea of Seven Colors" you will dive with giant manta rays and turtles, and be accompanied by many colorful nemos, dories and zebrafish. Together with us, you will discover and explore glittering, coral reefs and mysterious shipwrecks.

After 6 exciting days and many great impressions, you will fly with us to Nuquí on the 7th day of your diving safari. In the immediate vicinity of the Utria National Park on the Pacific coast, Nuquí is considered one of the world's largest biodiversity areas, owing to its close connection with the primary rainforest and the coast. The national park, with its indescribable nature, well-preserved ecosystems and rich culture, is one of the most beautiful places on the coast. Experience the flora and fauna under expert guidance. With an average of 20 degree water temperature, you will immerse yourself in the habitats of about 100 species of fish and crustaceans. From May to November, you can see the humpback whales on the warm coastal waters as they have their "nursery" here. They use the flat areas of the sandy beaches and the mangrove swamps as a rearing station for their young.

Unfortunately, on the 12th day we must say goodbye to Colombia with its fantastic underwater
worlds and nature parks.
Our travel tip:
Visit a typical Colombian coffee or cocoa plantation, or take a day trip to Panama. Ask your local guide – we would be happy to organise this for you, because almost nothing is impossible.